Hello, and welcome to ‘Seedling’!

Where strange adventures can sprout from a single seed.


About the comic

‘Seedling’ is a sci-fi/fantasy webcomic about an alien girl with magical abilities, and two scientists in search of plant life on a desert moon – a mission that thrusts the three of them on an adventure unlike anything they could have ever imagined.

‘Seedling’ began updating in January, 2019. It was born through a life-long love of comics, webcomics and graphic novels alike, and features a tasty blend of sci-fi gadgets, mythological creatures, and fantastical worlds beyond our own.

The comic updates Tuesdays and Fridays.



About the author

My name is Karen Bennetzen, and I’m a Danish art and comics enthusiast. Seedling is my first attempt at a long, continually updating webcomic.

I’ve a Bachelors Degree in CG Arts, courtesy of the Animation Workshop in Denmark, and upon graduating I worked as a freelancer for a couple of years, doing graphical work within animation, games, illustrations and more. I also have a degree in teaching, and work as a teacher by day, comic artist and illustrator by night (and sometimes day).




Special thanks

My friends and family for their endless, unwavering support. ♥

My friend Robo, for creative support and feedback – visit her twitter at: https://twitter.com/Robolover115

All the people and groups I’ve RP’d with and gotten inspired by over the years.