The Seedling comic project started out as a 30 page stand-alone comic I made pretty much on a whim, and out of a desire to play with some character ideas. When I decided to make it into a full-fledged webcomic and remake the stand-alone into Chapter 1, I figured it’d probably double in length. Well, here we are, Chapter 1 is done at 95 pages, three times longer than the original, yet it allowed me to kick off Seedling in the best way. I’m so immensely proud of this accomplishment – and now the real work begins.

Working on Chapter 1 has been eye-opening in many ways. I now know pretty much how long I need to finish pages of various detail levels, and how to organize my work time both practically and planning-wise. And planning has been on my mind a lot as of late. In my previous post I mentioned publishing Seedling on other websites, and I’ve come to a decision on how this will be done.

A mobile-friendly version of Seedling will be uploaded on Webtoons – the first three episodes have already been released, and the comic will continue to update on this platform with a new episode every Friday. Over the course of the next 5 months, all of Chapter 1 will be released episodically in this manner. While this happens, there will be no new page uploads to this website. I’ve decided to spend the time working on the next chapters, rebuilding my buffer and dedicating more time towards worldbuilding and fleshing out the overall story, as well as continuously looking for possible ways of advertising the comic and gain more readers.

By the time the Webtoon version catches up with the website version, Chapter 2 will roll out both here and on Webtoons – on top of this, I will publish the entirety of Chapter 1 on my profile at Deviantart as well. I’ll also be using Deviantart as an archive for all the concept and behind-the-scenes work I do on the comic (as well as art-stuff I do not related to Seedling), releasing these as they become relevant (though nothing containing spoilers).

My tumblr won’t stay vacant during this hiatus. I plan to upload sketches, mini-comics and anything else I can think of in the between-time, and overall it’s gonna be a lot of fun! 🙂

In summary –  by the time Chapter 2 comes around, Seedling will be published:

  • On Webtoons once a week, currently Fridays, for people who prefer the mobile format.
  • On this website twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, for people who like the page-format.
  • On Deviantart whenever a chapter is finished. I’ll upload full chapters in the page-format here for people who don’t mind to wait and just want to read entire chapters at a time.

It’s all subject to change – my current situation is that I’m looking for full time work. This means that whatever happens from here on out can easily upend any plans I make now, and so I consider this current plan my starting point. However, I do know that I love this project, and I want to keep working on it no matter what. And I’ll keep this space updated with any changes that happen along the way.

As always, thank you for reading! ♥