So first off, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been able to update Seedling consistently twice a week since I launched the site back in January. As the comic is still in its infancy, I’ve let myself use this time to see if I’d be able to keep to my planned schedule, or if I needed to tweak some things. And, for the most part, I’ve been able to produce what I needed to not eat too much into my buffer, which is pretty awesome.

My plan from this point on is to keep updating the way I’m doing right now until summertime, after which I’m hoping to up the production a bit. If I had one other wish for this comic it would be to produce and release pages more frequently – right now, and despite the consistent updates, it feels agonizingly slow. But this might also be because the first chapter is a rewrite/recreation of a comic I did back in 2017 (soon to be added to the gallery), and so a lot of this feels like retreading old steps. Hopefully, once I get into the ‘new’ chapters, I’ll feel the pace picking up a bit. I’ve so much story yet to tell and so many wonderful characters to introduce, and I simply can’t wait.

I’m also looking into updating the way the gallery is displayed, possibly by connecting to an off-site portfolio page, unless I find a way to make my WordPress theme do what I want. I’d love to fill the gallery with all the process pictures and concepts I got in storage. For now, you can check the current gallery to see some absolutely lovely fanart and commissions I’ve received.

I’ve been looking into perhaps getting Seedling on mobile platforms, to increase viewership and try a different format (not to replace the current one but to expand on the ways the comic can be viewed), but although I pretty much know how to do it, time simply doesn’t allow for it right now. As seen in the the title of the post, I’m swamped by exams and finding work. As much as I’d like to make Seedling my first priority, it won’t happen just yet.

So I’ll continue with this cozy schedule for a while. I’ll try to come with more frequent posts like this, with updates on how working on the comic is going. For now, I hope you’ll excuse me as I bury myself in books and (hopefully) get myself a new bachelors degree. Heh.

Thanks for reading <3