Exams are well over with, I got my degree, and because of the summer break I can now finally dedicate some quality time to this project. So far the time has been mostly spent on behind-the-scenes stuff. I’ve untangled a lot of story-knots, a task which was way overdue, and I’m looking forward to cracking down on the most important task of all, the actual drawing of pages. Up until this point I’ve had a solid buffer, but in the past 1,5 month I’ve been focused on my exams more than the comic. Rather than trying to do two things at once I decided to make good use of my buffer and let it run its course, which was definitely the right decision, but now means that I’ve no more buffer to fall back on anymore.

This means that I need to rebuild my buffer, which I hope to do as effectively as possible over the course of the summer break. Barring any unseen setbacks, the pages should still update as normal for the rest of this chapter, two pages a week as usual.

Since my last update, a few people have confirmed to me that they’re reading and enjoying the comic! A heartfelt thanks to you! When I decided to put this comic up on its own website, I realized it would be a long while before anyone would notice it, if ever! I’ve done little to no advertising of the comic (I post updates to my few followers on my blog, and that’s about it) as I wanted to build the website and add some pages first, but already now things are starting to happen on their own, and your positive feedback is very encouraging. On that note, as the first chapter comes to a close, I feel I’m ready to reach for that audience and see if more people would be interested in reading Seedling, and I’ve already started making some preparations.

A few weeks ago (while I should have been studying towards my exams…) I made the comic more mobile-friendly, a thing that has been on my mind since the last news-post update. This effectively meant going through 50 odd pages of comic, enlarging the font, adjusting every speech bubble, and cutting away unnecessary text where needed.

It took three full days. Eugh.

I also took the opportunity to make some minor changes to the art and dialogue. So if you’ve re-read some pages and thought they were different, they most likely were! Nothing major has changed, but I hope you like the small changes as much as I do.

In the end it means that the comic will now be ready for upload on other websites, hopefully increasing its chances of being seen by others. I’m not fully decided on what websites to upload to yet, but I’ve got a couple I’m definitely planning on using, and a few that I’m still considering. Once everything is ready, I’ll update this space with links to my new upload websites, and you’ll have a choice of which one(s) you prefer to read from! 🙂 My plan is to begin uploading pages off-site as soon as I’ve completed work on all of chapter 1.

Gallery update is also underway, though for now I’ve no time frame on it, and will most likely fiddle with it in between other tasks.

Thanks once more for reading! And please have this picture of my moms growing avocado-plant, which reminds me a lot of Ivee’s seed: