That’s the end of Chapter 03 – thank you so much for reading this far! Every comment is a joy to read, and with every update I’m excited to know that many people out there are following along!

So, what will happen now?

I will be working on Chapter 04 – In the next two months’ time I will be writing and sketching all of “Chapter 04: His Royal Highness” and making the very first episode of the chapter ready. This episode will introduce new characters (!), get our main gang properly settled in and delve further into the mystery that is the world of Lakeshore.

The (tentative) Seedling return date is DECEMBER 1ST!


The Seedling Instagram and my webtoons profile feed will continue updating – I’ll be posting sketches, minicomics and replays as often as possible, aiming for at least once a week.

Seedling has a discord! – Come join us! Follow this link or click the discord button in the sidebar. It’s pretty humble right now, but I’ll be posting updates and extras over there regularly, and some day soon I hope to also host events. 🙂


That’s it! See you soon!


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