Hi everyone,

Bearer of bad news, unfortunately. The Seedling project is coming to an end.

I want you to know that I genuinely really wanted to finish it, and that none of my enthusiasm was false. But as I attempt to juggle the creation of the comic together with all the other aspects of my life, I have to finally admit that the scope was too big, and my time too limited. Another long hiatus isn’t fair to you or me, and it means that it’s time for me to look to new things.

This was not an easy decision to make. I’ve learned so much in the years of working on this, and while I’m very sorry to have opened a story for you only to leave you hanging, I’ve grown a lot as an artist and a writer through working on Seedling. Have no doubt that your feedback and encouragement has been a huge part of this. Thank you immensely for all your support during this project. It really can’t be understated, and I have so many amazing comments and encouraging words to take with me into my next creative venture, whatever it may be.

While I wish I could’ve given you all a more satisfying conclusion to this story, I also know we live in a world amazing content. In my opinion, entertainment media, including comics, has never thrived more than it does now, and there’s so many stories to choose from, new and old. I’m confident you’ll find more great stories to enjoy out there, from established sources as well as from other independent creators.

The Seedling website will stay up until I have to pay for it again, after which I will probably take it down. The comic will remain available on webtoons for the time being.

I wish all of you the very best. ♥